Take care of your Apps’ and Database’s architecture or be prepared to pay your debt!

Computers, storage are less and less expensive and more and more powerful.
Data are getting more and more critical, bigger volume, more and more users.
The issue is whatever powerful you server could be, if your application and more importantly your database has a poor architecture and/or design you’re contracting a technical debt you’ll have to pay sooner than expected!
In my career I’ve met and worked for many companies who have decided to build their application and database not taking care of the fundamentals architecture and design study and work.
The successful ones get rapidly into technical issues and difficulties because the architecture and design were not enough robust, reliable and scalable.
The kind of issues able to shutdown your business.
The purpose of my warning is not to spend months or years and much money on architecture and design, but just the right amount of time to build a rock solid foundations to support the short, middle and long term business.