Performance and Tuning tools by Database Architechs

Performance and Tuning tools main differentiators:

  1. Designed, developed and used by the top SQL Server experts in the world!
    We are proud to claim more than 10 years experience and successful track records and customers’ references on SQL and Database performance and tuning tools.
    The 4.2
    version is now available for Oracle, MS SQL Server and Sybase.
  2. Very easy and fast to install. Safe “production” real-time monitoring tool.
    Plug and play, no agents, no setup or configuration or architecture modifications required.
  3. Monitoring a new database can be done in less than a minute.
    Real-time/offline monitoring can be launched immediately on a non monitored database to isolate any performance issues.
  4. Performance monitoring is real-time.
    Instantaneous alerts pops up for any performance issue.
    In addition, all the monitoring data can be logged in a file or a database.
  5. It can be launched in batch mode to monitor a database’s performance on any event (time, database event …).
    Generating a database performance log to isolate the issues and easy data export for additional reporting.
  6. Monitor, Isolate, Drill-down approach, isolates performance issues in seconds.
    Performance counters utilized include Database and OS level – CPU, I/O’s, Locks, others.
  7. Database performance focused and highly graphical.
    Drill down from a graph’s spike to the corresponding poor performing queries (execution plan and all related and detailed information).
  8. Optimization strategies can be implemented and verified.