Improve your Internet exposure by leveraging RSS Feed and Twitter

2 Months ago, I’ve started some Internet activities (a new website, a blog, a twitter account …) starting from scratch. Today, I have hundreds of visits and my exposure on Google is very significant (being almost null 2 months ago).

Following you will find some technologies I have used.

There is many ways you can very easily, with no effort and for free, improve your post’s Internet exposure:

FeedBurner Screen

  • Your FeedBurner RSS Feed will allow you to aggregate:
  • You will also be able to:
    • See statistics about your RSS Feed subscription,
    • Make your RSS Feed browser friendly,
    • Optimize your RSS Feed exposure to Google,
    • And many others great features …
  • Thanks to FeedBurner you can easily generate a subscription button.

RSS suscribtion buttonYou can then add this button to your Blog to allow your visitors to subscribe to your RSS Feed through a reader such as Google Reader or via email.Your subscribers will be then automatically informed about any news on your Blog, this will more than likely  increase your visibility and traffic.

  • Publish your post automatically  through your RSS Feed to your Twitter account :
  • Twitter ( is a fabulous socializing network tool, allowing you to follow people and get followed.
    This will also increase your Blog exposure and traffic.

Twitter screen

Stay tuned … Soon, I will share more about my experience leveraging Web 2.0 technologies to increase automatically your Internet exposure, visibility and traffic … using other tools and social networks (FaceBook, Plaxo, LinkedIn …)


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