Improve your Internet exposure and visibility (Chapter 2)

Continuing to improve your Internet exposure and visibility you can do the following:

  • To publish your pictures:
    • Create an account on Flickr (your pictures published on Flickr will be aggregated to your RSS Feed thanks to Google Feedburner).
    • And/or create an account on Google and use Picasa.
    • And/or use your Twitter account to use Twitpic (your pictures will be automatically published on your Twitter account)
  • To publish your videos use YouTube.
  • To publish your Word anf PDF files or Powerpoint presentation use Slideshare and/or Google Docs.

Use your Google account to access to Google Reader, your will then be able suscribe to your:

Google Reader
Google Reader
  • FeedBurner RSS Feed,
  • Twitter account,
  • Slideshare account,
  • Picasa account,
  • YouTube account,
  • and so on …

When your content is published on Google Reader click on the ‘Share‘ button for each item you want to share with others.

You will then be able to link your account on:

  1. FaceBook with your accounts on Google Reader (Shared Items), Blog RSS (Feedburner), Digg, FlickrPicasa and YouTube.
  2. Plaxo with your accounts on FaceBook, Blog RSS (Feedburner), Digg, TwitterFlickr, PicasaSlideshare and YouTube.
  3. LinkedIn with your accounts on Blog RSS (Feedburner), WordPressTwitter, Slideshare, and Google Docs.
  4. Windows Live with your accounts on FaceBook, Blog RSS (Feedburner), WordPress, DiggTwitter and Flickr.

Linking your accounts together will automatically publish your content without any effort and increase dramatically your Internet exposure, visibility and traffic.

Stay tuned … soon I will share more with you on how to increase your number of Twitter’s followers (I have now more than 2,000) and increase your blog suscribtion, traffic and visibility.