Database Architechs: SQL Shot Free Trial download

WS - v3 SQL Shot

Performance and Tuning tool strengths:

  • Designed and developed by the top SQL Server experts in the world!
  • Highly “Graphic-Oriented” interactive design – drill-down through the graphs!
  • Easily isolate performance issues in seconds.
  • Optimization strategies can be implemented and verified.
  • Safe “production” monitoring in real time.
  • Performance counters utilized include OS level – CPU, I/O’s, others.
  • Plug-and-play – no change to your IT architecture (completely transparent).
  • Monitor, Isolate, Drill-down approach.
  • Also runs in off-line mode with easy data export for additional reporting.
  • Track Record – 10 years of SQL and Database performance and tuning tools.

Performance and Tuning tool for:

  • Designers: Physical database design and optimization.
  • Developers: SQL code optimization.
  • Support DBA’s & Production Support staff: Isolation of SQL and DB issues, and continuous monitoring.

Supported databases:

  • Oracle: Database Tuning
  • Sybase: SQL Supervision
  • MS SQL Server: SQL Shot