FACCSF member and candidate to the Board of Directors

The San Francisco Chapter of the French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACCSF) is a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to serving the needs of the French-American business community throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Through our numerous Networking programs and Events in San Francisco and in the Silicon Valley, our members benefit from the opportunity to exchange ideas with other high-level professionals in a wide variety of fields with business relations in both France and the United States. Uniting 300 members, the San Francisco Chapter is the main forum in Northern California for French and American business leaders to meet and discuss common interests. Through their involvement in the High Tech, the Life Science and other Committees, members enjoy new ways of Networking. The FACCSF organizes 50 events per year.

I consider as a great value to be part of this group and I’m now willing to participate actively to its development.

Candidature to FACCSF Board of Directors

As a candidate to FACCSF Board of Directors my objectives are the following:

  1. Promote FACCSF, its activities, events and services to my French and American network to increase its image, connections and get more members.
  2. Use the technologic resources I have available to help FACCSF to publish easily on internet its information to the largest audience.
  3. Share my experience and skills with FACCSF and its members, in domains such as: Sales (IT products and services), Marketing (events, promotion, campaigns …), Business and process management, Technology (databases, CRM, Internet …).
  4. Coordinate, when it makes sense, actions and events between groups I’ve already joined and FACCSF to develop partnerships and improve FACCSF image and network while optimizing its resources.
  5. Propose actions, events and campaigns to FACCSF to improve its presence.
  6. Actively hiring new members to increase FACCSF network and revenues.
  7. Contribute to FACCSF publications and information design and promotion.
  8. Attend a maximum of FACCSF Board of Directors and events.